French Vogue a GO GO

To celebrate the relaunch of Editor in Chief Emmanuelle Alt and French TV personality Mademoiselle Agnes – along with a posse of beautiful super models – performed a version of Wham!’s “Wake Me up Before You Go-Go,” a personal favourite of Ms Alt.

Paris Fashion Week kicks off at the end of this month – a week which reminds us mere mortals that we’ll never be part of the fashion elite, no matter how many copies of Vogue we have stashed in our cupboards. It’s refreshing to see them let their hair down and have fun.

Alt heralds a new, laid back, approachable direction for French Vogue which regular people can not only relate to, but can pick up the microphone to sing along with. You certainly wouldn’t have caught Carine Roitfeld jumping about the stage in a baggy white slogan t-shirt!

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  1. Dear Culturalinsight,
    This might be off topic, however, After recently reading about her in the July issue of Vogue, Joan Juliet Buck has managed to completely throw my mind upside down. The ex-editor-in-chief of French Vogue declared the impact style has had upon her life. From a young age, Buck spent her days searching for fashion and creating styles. Socialising with the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Karl Lagerfeld, before they were famous, Buck’s glamorous life was a fashionista’s dream.

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