Wild Tea

Absolut Wild Tea (absolut.com)

We do a lot of analysis of packaging, design, and of course, culture – it’s great when we see the three seamlessly coming together in a great idea.

Sweden is cool, China is fascinating – so why not combine the two into something fascinatingly cool.  Absolut, as part of their continual mission to challenge the taste experience of vodka drinkers, has created ABSOLUT Wild Tea.

Like an apothecary’s dream, the new blend brings together the dark and mysterious richness of black tea with the delicacy of Nordic white elderflower. 

From a semiotic angle, the packaging balances the power and vibrancy of “oolong– black dragon” tea against the harmony, purity and certainty of a Swedish pasture.  The instantly recognised icon of the Absolut bottle is infused with new cultural possibility.

In an era of super globalism, cultural merging is commonly deployed commercially, but it is arguably most powerful when a brand takes up the role of arbiter in process – the convenient conduit allowing you to experience new worlds.

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