New Fusion

Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco is some restaurant. It started off in a food truck, moved to a rare Chinese restaurant in the hispanic/hipster Mission District on a one night a week basis before it took over the restaurant permanently.

This is Americanized Chinese food like you’ve never eaten before. It is not about making food more ‘American’ in terms of palate but incorporating bold authentic Chinese flavours with American ingredients. The thrice-cooked Bacon is a real doozy.

Mission Chinese Food (

We thought ‘fusion’ was over, swapped out for authenticity  and po-faced obsession with just how regional your favourite Chinese/Indian/Mexican joint was. This could be a green shoot that indicates its impending spring time. 

Perhaps before long we’ll uncover more fusion in food that is both uncompromising in its use of flavour and ‘authentic’ in its methods and locale.

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