Playing House

Regardless of how you feel about the ubiquity, quality or dorm-room chic of pre-fab frontman Ikea, the Swedish home-furnishings leviathan does one thing better than just about anyone: play.

Going to an Ikea outlet is an outing.  The meandering domestic fairy-tale invites one to play house.  It offers up white-picket dreams and meatballs in equal measure.  We’ve clocked the booming Cultural Traction of Ikea in the States with the likes of it’s Virtual Showroom.  Now with the release of a new interactive 2013 catalogue, the play comes home even more.

More magazine than catalogue, the Ikea book contains design advice, fun stories and items that almost jump off the page thanks to augmented reality integration.  Downloading the stores app gets viewers access to hidden content, films and deeper design inspiration.   Leafing through the Ikea catalogue has always been something we (perhaps begrudgingly) love to do, but this year we can’t wait.  Anyone for meatballs?

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