Victoria’s Sweet Shop

London has recently opened its arms to two brand spanking new Victoria’s Secret stores – in Stratford Westfield and Bond Street – and in the process  may have ushered in a new era in lingerie shopping.

Victoria’s Secret, Bond Street (

We’ve become used to high street shops that create fully-realised worlds we’re invited to enter and take part in – the country house hotel of Hackett, the fantasy dorm-room of Jack Wills, the girly domesticity of Cath Kidston. But mainstream lingerie has been fairly pedestrian until now – either a perfunctory chore on the third floor of M&S or darting surreptitiously into Ann Summers.

Victoria’s Secret three -storey cathedral of underwear is set to change all of that. With its gloriously American and unabashed energy, it aims to make buying underwear an engaging and  unembarrassingly upbeat pursuit. The stores are as colourful as sweet shops  and as dramatic as film sets and are peppered with images of their Angels – ridiculously famous supermodels – kitted out in £30 push-up bras.

Victoria’s Secret store (

We’ve taken a look at the Cultural Traction of Victoria’s Secret – and weren’t at all surprised to discover that it was strong. Like Apple and Ikea , Victoria’s Secret is a Creator brand – it enables people to create and to bask in their own self-creation. The Angels sell a dream and generate  their own special magic with their Bombshell and Showstopper ranges. They make the creative process exciting, fun and, crucially, trimmed in leopard print.

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