A Life Less Perfect

Some of the finer things in life are being turned on their head. Perfection used to be about polish and precision, but in a world of over-processing, imperfect is the new perfect. We’ve seen luxury goods being stripped back to basics, tampered with as little as possible to let the raw product shine through.

Fäviken restaurant and Eat With Your Hands
Fäviken restaurant and Eat With Your Hands

 We found celebrated Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson preserving his meat outside in the snow and using fallen leaves to cook vegetables at award-winning restaurant Fäviken.

And on the other side of the Atlanic leading-edge chefs in New York and California are asking diners to do away with cutlery and get their hands dirty in the belief that it “heightens the sensual connection to food and softens the formality of fine dining”.

Watirose advert and Butler's decorations
Watirose advert and Butler’s decorations

The trend is true even at Christmas, with brands taking a more pared back approach to the season. Waitrose’s decided the fancy advert that would cost millions was not for them. Instead they simply put Delia and Heston in a bare warehouse and explained they were giving more to charity.

Christmas decorations are also getting a little more rough and ready. Home store Butler’s is selling decorations of trees, angels and reindeer fashioned from bits of silver birch. They are raw, uneven and each one is different and individual. It seems to imply that people are looking from something a bit more real this Christmas.

So it looks like less certainly can be more.

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  1. I enjoy the trend of imperfection is perfection and less really is more. Rawness gives more character to products. Simple pieces continue to have a more luxurious and timeless quality versus one that is more fashionable/in fashion. The perfect case study are Legos. Once upon a happy childhood, they were a pretty cheap treat to have on Christmas. Their Scandinavian-simple design, durability and bold color palette have contributed to their ever increasing MSRP.

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