Power Out? No Problem

There is definitely a need for good timing in advertising. And no one seems to do this as well as Oreo.

When major events happen, Oreo will often be the first brand to take advantage. We’ve seen their response to the Mars landing last year, their special Halloween features and ads quickly dedicated to other events and anniversaries.

Oreo Adverts
Oreo Adverts

They are quick, no doubt about it.  And last night during the Super Bowl they outdid themselves. One person’s disaster really can be someone else’s goldmine. Something so unfortunate as the electricity break down during the most watched TV event in the US can be cookie’s best opportunity to place a twitter ad.

Oreo Superbowl Advert
Oreo Superbowl Advert

But how did they do it? This brilliant on-the-fly ad happened because the head executives and brand team were in the room together. When the lights went off on the field, a creative light came to the minds of the execs. Approval happened on the spot and this super smart ad was on Twitter within minutes.

“Power out? No problem!” said the ad that travelled the virtual world on the advertising’s industry most expensive night of the year.

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