Star ‘93

We often talk about story. We sometimes talk about space. We count ourselves lucky when we find something that weaves the two together as seamlessly as this project launched by the New Museum in NYC. Recalling 1993 is a unique storytelling experience that turns any pay phone in Manhattan into a time capsule. Twenty years ago, NYC was going through some turbulent times that were certainly tough, but also pivotal in shaping the NYC that we know and heart today.

Pick up any one of 5.000 pay phones in Manhattan and hear stories told by people who lived them, specific down to the street or corner where you are standing. The use of this outdated bit of infrastructure we think is genius. The immobility of the pay phone, actually rooted to the very spot of the story, lends this project a physicality that concretizes the link to space in a refreshing way. The pay phone, itself a relic of the pre-mobile 90’s, encourages listeners, in a small way, to touch the era that birthed the stories they’re listening to.

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