Have I Got News For You?

The Guardian has today launched its ‘Republican Button,’ a device allowing anyone utterly uninterested by news of the royal baby to remove all references to it from their home page.

Republican Button (guardian.co.uk)
Republican Button (guardian.co.uk)

We think this is an exciting development. It feels like a perfect move for The Guardian’s tone of voice and readership, and we like the simultaneous promise to both allow us unfettered access to all voices, all angles, all opinions, and then the option to only listen to the ones we like best.

And we wonder if there will be other ways to tailor the news to our particular tastes and preferences. In a world where our links and likes can say so much about us, will there be no need for a button? Or will cookies understand our private online journeys so well that they can cater for us perfectly, meaning that the hours we spend surfing can actually make our online lives more productive and tailored?

Will we only have to see news in the future that we are especially interested in or agree with? Will people be able to wipe out sport entirely? Or celebrity gossip? Or news that is depressing? Or news altogether..?

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