Say My Name

We were delighted here in Cultural Insight HQ last week, when we discovered that Maria Sharapova had decided not to legally change her name for the duration of the US Open. She intended to become officially know as ‘Maria Sugarpova’ to promote her range of sweet snacks.

We were never convinced by the idea. It felt like a gauche step away from the current movement towards authenticity and integrity. To see the world’s former number 1 player being referred to by a gimmicky moniker by commentators felt far too awkward and tacky. And after sliding out of Wimbledon in the second round, it might not be the best endorsement for the sweets.

Sugarpova (
Sugarpova (

But more than anything, it simply wasn’t a very good pun. We are big fans of puns here, and had a go at creating some other options for our favourite tennis players – Andy Murray Mint, Boris Double Decker , Lleyton Chewits , John McEn-Rolos, Goran Ivanise-Twix…

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