The $urreal Revolution

It’s the consumers, aka the people who suffer for the rise in price of products, and services on the market. But can they also be the ones challenging this, demanding fair prices ?

A movement called ‘Rio $urreal’ is bravely challenging Brazilian inflation. The word ‘$urreal’ is a clever pun. ‘Real’ is the official currency in Brazil, while the so called ‘$urreal’, is  a fake note that mockingly pictures Salvador Dali. This is an ironic and critical way to draw attention to the absurdly high prices,  that occur in many popular locations in Rio.

Rio $urreal Facebook
Rio $urreal Facebook

The project is supported by the Facebook page ‘Rio $urreal’ which contains tips and tricks of how to save money, or avoid paying high prices around Rio. Similar movements are starting now in Sao Paolo and Brasilia. There is a lot of humor and wit to this campaign, but the idea of rising prices is dead serious.

Let the $urreal revolution begin!

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