Mulberry go into the Wilderness

We’ve noticed that luxury is no longer about being sleek, polished and minimal. The aesthetic of luxury have shifted. Luxury brands now embrace wild creativity and rawness, shunning traditional luxury cues of the past, such as perfection and status.

Mulberry recently debuted at Wilderness festival (interestingly their first presence at a UK festival) to celebrate the UK launch of The Cara Delevingne Collection. Introducing their ‘Mulberry Loves Craft’ tent, containing workshops teaching festivals goers how to hand stitch and monogram their own leather bracelet. Mulberry’s attendance at Wilderness highlighted how ‘imperfection’ can still be deemed luxurious and totally beautiful. Mulberry embraced freedom to play  and create.

The goal of producing something completely perfect is no longer the goal.

Wilderness is fun, wild and very British festival, celebrating freedom, fun and creativity, making the festival the perfect partner for Mulberry. Just like Cara.

Mulberry at Wilderness Festival
Mulberry at Wilderness Festival


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