Creepy Crawlies

Our unrelenting appetite for meat is causing food futurologists to consider alternatives. An exciting option is insects. Insects are in fact, rather fantastic. They are high in protein, make a perfect healthy snack, and are easy to sustainably farm. Yes you have got it, eating a caterpillar with 28.2 g of protein (that’s a lot) may be our last hope.

The catch is our current perceptions of eating creepy crawlies…they have loads of legs and are crunchy! We currently think of them in an extreme diet, this view of insects is not the case in the rest of world. In South East Asian they are a common street food delicacy, served in a variety of ways on the streets of Bangkok.


The clever people behind Rentokil the bug killers,  have set up a travelling Pestaurant offering all manor of insect delicacies to tempt the British palate. You can try salt and vinegar crickets, plain roasted locusts, chocolate covered mixed bugs, Mexican spiced meal worms and scorpion lollipop. Check out the Rentokil website for their next event.

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