Sanctioned Rebellion

As part of Brixton Design Week, Transport for London has commissioned Eley Kishimoto, a Brixton based design house, to transform Brixton Underground by graffiti-ing their iconic print FLASH on the pavement at the entrance. We have noticed that graffiti –  which used to be seen as overtly rebellious, has been accepted into the mainstream creative world. What may have been previously seen as vandalism is now street art.


Eley Kishimoto are famous for their pioneering printmaking.  We think it is really interesting that such an established design house is celebrating this creative culture. We are seeing sanctioned rebellion occur across all platforms,  even at the high end fashion house Christian Louboutin, who’s pop-up Tattoo Parlours invited customers to create their own tattoos and transfer them onto their shoes.  Brands are embracing a gritty, urban rebellion.  And so can we,  through graffiti workshops run by people like Graffiti Kings where we can let loose and discover our inner vandal!


Brixton Design Week is running from the 13th to the 21st September is part of the London Design Festival.

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