Honest Reality

People are once again valuing honest, raw and realness in culture today. From the hit show Girls to the no-makeup selfie, there are no limits. Lena Dunham will be talking to Caitlin Moran on her new book Not That Kind of Girl – a collection of her personal essays at the Southbank Centre at the end of this month. Both women are renowned for their frank discussion of their real lives, and people respect the authentic.




This candidness can be seen at all levels of culture even in the culinary world. Restaurateurs are creating honest and realistic brands which people are really responding to.  The resurgence of burger restaurants is a great example of how people are embracing the raw, real and unashamedly messy. Dirty Burger heralds no nonsense burger dining with a rough and raw presentation but completely down to earth. Similarly Honest Burgers prides itself with a personal realness in its décor, story and ingredients. Their menu is simple, honest and British sourced ingredients.


Lena Dunham talks to Caitlin Moran at The Southbank Centre on Friday 31st October

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