Silly Connections

We have noticed that people are connecting with each other in a more frivolous and silly way. Letting go of the boundaries of reality and having fun is a way of connecting better with others.

Fun Palaces  is an annual event where art and science combines to create a fun and silly weekend of activities for the whole community. It aims to encourage public engagement and community development through breaking down both social and physical barriers. The premise of Fun Palaces is that we are more engaged when our guards are down and we are being silly.


Similarly, a giant twister game was erected at the highest accessible point of the Shard in London as part of a speed dating event. The game was meant to evoke silliness in the guests and loosen them up during an often awkward event.


On the 15th November there will be a Silent Disco at the Shard. The View from the Shard is inviting people into this pristine viewing space to get silly and dance to the music of their choice. This event in the heart of the City, encourages people to communicate and get to know each other whilst being frivolous.


The Silent Disco at The View from the Shard on the 15th November 2014.

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