Cool Science

Science – sadly – used to be for geeks. It was the arena of the expert,  the technical boffin who could understand equations or decipher endless pages of code.

But things are changing. We have seen over the last year or so that science is becoming not only cooler, bur far more accessible.

We’ve seen t-shirts in Topshop declaring the wearers love for Chemistry or Physics, and now we’re seeing it go even further. Rosetta’s recent landing on Comet 67P provoked glorious reactions of joy from Twitter users, and the box office success of Interstellar is putting the realm of the scientific firmly into the spotlight.


Scientists themselves are also becoming beacons of fascination. Recently released film, The Imitation Game – starring Benedict Cumberbatch – tells the story of overlooked code-breaking genius Alan Turing, and in the new year The Theory of Everything – starring dreamboat Eddie Redmayne – will tell the story of Stephen Hawking.


Science is increasingly being looked to not only as a place of incredible discovery, but a place of beauty, of joy and of creative inspiration.

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