Frank Reality

We have noticed an increased craving for the real, raw and authentic.  In a world of manicured online profiles, genuine candour is valued more than ever. In a reaction to the glossy, the gritty is becoming aspirational, and we have seen this articulate in many different ways in culture.

For four years, street photographer Brandon Stanton has been taking pictures and collecting the stories of the real, everyday people he meets in The Humans of New York.

The Institute of Sexology exhibition at the Wellcome Collection is a candid exploration of the most private of acts – sex.

The Whisper app allows people to tell their most real and candid secrets with complete anonymity.

We have noticed that some brands are beginning to play here. The Converse ‘Shoes are Boring Wear Sneakers ‘ adverts celebrate how their shoes become part of peoples’ real lives, and have the scuffs to show it.

Brands should be open and honest, celebrate reality and make sure they don’t mistake the real for the mundane. The challenge is being honest and open without coming across as insincere and boring; exposed brick and no make-up selfies will not suffice.

Check out our Cultural Themes website for more information.


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