Re-engaging Millennials

For young people, perfume has lost its appeal. What is it doing wrong and how can our insights about their world helping brands re-engage millennials? Creativity, individuality and self-expression are three of the key drivers leading millennial buying power.

To be invited into their gang you need think creatively about your product and how you communicate with them. The perfume industry’s  uniformly one dimensional adverts speak to one tired aspect of perfume, which fails to cater for the growing desire of the young for self-expression. It is not just about sex, there are different ways of getting to sexy without being explicitly sexual.

Value is important for expression because it enables you to pick and choose, try something new, and take a risk. By mixing and matching scents, layering perfumes, selling across brands and really exploring and showing off the ingredients that are being used, there can be multiple ways of interacting with millennials.

Use inspired ingredients and be explicit about them. Le Labo and Jo Malone do this in a really great way, helping consumers be led by their scent rather than the brand they choose. A scent led experience will help navigation through smells and ingredients, opening up of a world of perfume connoisseurs, like the wine and whiskey worlds.

On another level, it is also about you as an individual, and your interaction with scent. Perfume is an individual choice and experience. Some brands like Swallowable Parfum and Escentric Molecule, which interact with your body to create a truly individual scent, are playing here. Individuality and self-expression are really important; no one wants to have the same scent at their friend.

The challenge is to communicate and engage with the younger generation with the understanding that perfume is a very intimate and personal product. Thus in order to lure the millennials back, using the knowledge that individuality, creativity and self-expression are vital drivers, could help in driving consumer buying up, and creating a new relationship with this generation.

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