Go Explore



Well-loved British mapping agency Ordnance Survey has recently revealed their new brand identity, titled ‘We are Ordnance Survey’, seemingly aiming to attract a younger audience and reflect its digital capabilities. We love the design – it feels fresh, beautiful and inspiring – but we think they could push the brand even further.

Experience is of utmost importance to consumers – we know they no longer boast about what car they have, but the incredible holiday they’ve been on. We think OS could tap into this and become a true lifestyle brand. Their promotional video shows hikers exploring beautiful countryside, and urbanites finding their way around cities. It encourages exploration – urging people to ‘find a way’ and discover ‘what’s just around the corner’. Their tagline ‘Go Explore’ could be the seed of a whole new attitude. Let Google Maps own the domain of stressed out commuters, and position OS as the off-line adventure-maker. Their carefully folded maps can be used anywhere, and are a genuine ally when you’re off the beaten track. The user experience celebrates the journey, rather than simply the dash from A to B.

We think that OS could truly champion the intricacies and joys of getting lost and finding your own way back. They could also encourage exploration of Great Britain – urging people to take advantage of the beautiful country they live in. They could use their digital side to enhance these adventures – providing targeted information about local events, places to go, intriguing folk tales.

By embracing the outdoorsy, adventurous spirit at their heart, they could help to create truly memorable experiences.

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