Breaking into the Watch World



The world has been abuzz with thoughts on Apple’s new watch. To us, it feels like an odd step away from their forward-thinking, aesthetically pure products.

The world of watches is so different to the world of computers and phones, where Apple have dominated so effortlessly. Watches tend to play one of a few roles – they can be fashion accessories – think Michael Kors – an heirloom piece like Patek Philippe, or a tech action device such as Casio. We struggle to see where this new watch fits in.

Perhaps the Apple Watch will be positioned in the lifestyle data space, competing with Fitbit, Fuelband and Nike+ rather than traditional watch brands. But we wish they’d tapped into the aesthetic purism that is at the heart of the Apple we love. We think this could have great potential in the watch category – pushing an uber-modern, slick space –  and would’ve highlighted Apple’s technical innovation and unrivalled beauty.

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