The New Mainstream



Every year the UK’s Office for National Statistics updates the shopping basket of goods and services that is used to reflect the rate of inflation. This year’s struck us as being remarkably hipster – with craft beers, music streaming and headphones included in the list. If these products are representative of a typical British person, is seems to highlight how much hipster style is now firmly in the mainstream.

We think that brands can learn from this. They can shed the fear that hipster cool is only for the few – but embrace the fact that it is now nationally aspirational. They don’t need to be afraid of being too niche, but should accept that this is now the new mainstream. Nationwide, the hipster trend’s move from emergent to culturally dominant has been incredibly swift – putting great pressure on brands need to keep up.

We’re excited to see next year’s index. We predict that coffee machines, grey hair dye and bow ties might be included…


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