The New Cultural Commentators

[ Clinique ]
Clinique’s new Face Forward campaign has brought a fresh new feel to a beauty brand which has traditionally been associated more with the older generation. The new campaign features influential fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, photographer and stylist Margaret Zhang and founder of Hannah Bronfman. Rather than asking models and actresses to appear in their skincare adverts, Clinique’s choice of young women whose lives are at once relatable and aspirational enables them to reach out to the Millennials who follow them on Instagram or read their blogs religiously. These are trusted voices from the cutting edge, those who are pushing themselves and their own brands forward and are not just known for having a pretty face – a source of inspiration for a younger generation of Clinique users.

The campaign also has a strong cultural message, encouraging consumers to “Face Forward” and featuring advice from the influential entrepreneurs such as, “Spin your own story. Take some risks”. This is far from the safe messages about “looking your best” we often see in skincare adverts and gives Clinique a new and much needed edge.

By creating a campaign that feels honest and credible and pulling on the power of the voices at the cutting edge of beauty, fashion and wellness, Clinique is able to better communicate with younger women who may have previously not considered their brand as relevant to them.

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