Social Butterflies

[ @lushkitchen ]
[ @lushkitchen ]

From cafés to banks, these days it is pretty much a given that a brand will have various social media accounts. However, there is a danger that using digital channels becomes a standard part of a marketing plan, rather than an opportunity to showcase the brand’s identity in an exciting and engaging way.

It is essential that social media feels like an authentic and holistic part of the brand. A brand’s social media platforms should be an extension of their personality, rather than a hasty add on. Too often an online presence is seen as a hygiene factor rather than an opportunity to let the unique character of the brand shine through. There are brands, however, that embrace the opportunity to show consumers what makes them unique.  Lush is a brand which effectively uses social media as a way to celebrate their personality, and successfully creates cohesion throughout the digital and physical interactions with their brand. The Lush Kitchen Instagram account showcases the creation process behind the handmade products which lie at the heart of the Lush brand, as well as the specialists who make them. Hence this becomes a platform which emphasises Lush’s commitment to small batch cosmetics crafted with care and passion. The friendly tone of voice employed across their digital platforms combined with the evident real passion about the products they create conveys their commitment to natural skincare whilst ensuring that they feel approachable.

Similarly, ASOS use their social media accounts to embrace their brand personality by using the hipster, chatty style that characterises their website and magazine. By showcasing their clothes in gritty, street style inspired shoots, they maintain their down-to-earth character whilst also adding a sense of edginess which feels cool and aspirational. Including lifestyle posts also gives a more rounded feel to their character, making them more relatable. They manage to makes their Instagram account feel like it might belong to a very cool friend, rather than a clothing brand, which feels far more engaging to consumers than being bombarded with corporate messages.

It is important that brands put a lot of thought into crafting their online presence. We think that brands’ social media accounts should feel like they are a natural part of the brand rather than feeling like an afterthought, and play an active role in bringing the brand vividly to life.


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