Just Browsing

With the appearance of shopping apps like Mallzee, the way we browse has completely changed. No longer do we have to trek round town, or go on pilgrimages to huge shopping centres to see what’s out there. Our browsing experience has become completely integrated into the way we use and browse social media – even echoing the mechanism of popular dating apps. But how do brands deal with the fact that consumers are now browsing from their phones and demanding a seamless, always-on shopping experience?

The route to purchase used to be clearly defined – but with new shopping apps such as Mallzee, the way we browse the retail world has completely changed. There are now more ways to buy than ever before. Internet shopping allowed us to buy things without leaving the house, but the new generation of shopping apps allows us to like clothes by swiping (echoing Tinder) and tells us when our liked items are on sale. These apps don’t just let you go shopping 24 hours a day – they are also intelligent, and take some of the grunt work out of the traditional shopping trip. Even on social media channels like Instagram, you can buy an item in a few clicks, making the path to purchase outrageously easy even if you are not consciously shopping.

So, how do brands connect with rise of social media shopping? Having a good website is no longer enough, as people expect shopping to fit seamlessly into their lives, when they are scrolling through Instagram waiting for the bus. Brands need to focus on giving consumers easy and integrated ways of buying their products that fit into the social media world they already live in. The world of browsing has truly gone digital.

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