Like for Like

Facebook photo
In response to those crying out for a negative counterpart to the well-loved like button, Facebook have extended their response repertoire to incorporate six new ‘reactions’. We think this is an interesting concept, but wonder how it will impact the way consumers interact with brands on social media.

Certainly, the risk of branded content being met with a negative reception has increased. Previously, posting inflammatory comments was the only avenue for users to publically express displeasure, but the new sad and angry reactions mark the introduction of a measurable way to show negativity. We’re fascinated to see what response brands have. Will they start producing tamer, more neutral content? Or will they be pushed to be more extreme, aiming to elicit a more powerful reaction?

The like button is fundamentally ingrained in the Facebook experience – with its existence often helping dictate the type of content brands publish. Only time will tell if the new reaction options will resonate with similar success.

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