Planting the Seed

We were surprised and intrigued when it was revealed that 32% of adults in London don’t drink alcohol (Office for National Statistics). The release of non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip marks this shift out even further, introducing a new era in the alcohol-free market. It feels about time for an alcohol-free drink which feels as sophisticated as a spirit to hit the market.

Many low- or no- alcohol drinks make much of their alcohol percentage, but do not manage to convey a strong sense of personality. Many are simply lower percentage versions of existing beverages, or feel rather childish, and not something to drink in a bar on a night out. Seedlip, on the other hand, has bags of personality. At the centre of Seedlip’s brand is the idea of “the art of nature”, echoed in its labelling and in its use of six individually distilled barks, spices and citrus peels. This natural take on non-alcoholic beverages certainly feels different from the artificial feeling low-alcohol drinks that already exist on the market. This brand refreshingly focuses on what it has, rather than what it doesn’t.

We think that other brands need to follow Seedlip’s example, and create non-alcoholic drinks which have interesting stories and ingredients at their heart. Drinks brands need to strike out and create bold, new, non-alcoholic products which can credibly take their place alongside their alcoholic counterparts.

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