The F Word


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As the championing of women and feminism becomes increasingly prominent, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Bath Film Festival created an F rating for films that are written by or directed by a woman, or that feature “significant women on screen in their own right”.

It is interesting that an industry which has had a history of gender inequality is starting to introduce tools to highlight women’s achievements. Indeed, in Sweden they have already started rating their films in a similar way using the A rating for films that pass the Bechdel-Wallace test (a test which asks if women in a film talk about anything other than men). Whilst this is clearly a very blunt instrument to initiate change, it feels like it has the potential to have a positive effect. This rating could definitely encourage people to be more aware of, and hence watch, more female-focused films and to celebrate women filmmakers in a way that may not have happened before.

We are interested to see if this rating is rolled out more fully, and what effect this has on the film industry and the world at large in terms of encouraging people to engage more fully with women in creative industries.

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