The Waiting Game


100 years
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We were fascinated to find out that Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich have made a film called 100 Year, in partnership with cognac brand Louis XIII, which will not be released until 2115. The film reflects the century long maturation period the cognac undergoes – a process which goes completely against our current obsession with having instant access at the touch of a button.

Indeed, smartphones have made everything accessible all the time, and we hardly have to wait for anything anymore. We can even receive online purchases in the blink of an eye with services like Amazon’s one hour delivery. It feels interesting, then, that this video takes the very antithesis of this – an extremely long waiting time – and makes it something desirable. This film will not be accessible to anyone alive today, but this only increases its aspirational sense of maturation and development.

We think the idea of maturation and making people wait for something worthwhile is a valuable one for brands to tap into. When on demand is everywhere, a sense of working for something gives a unique feeling of premiumness and anticipation.

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