Winning Silver


[ Air Wick ]

Air Wick’s recent advert, The Gift of Home, seemed to speak to older people in a way that feels sensitive and authentic. It focuses on making the big life shift of moving out of the family house easier with scents that evoke the feeling of home.

As the population is become increasingly old, the ability to speak to older people in authentic and nuanced ways is more important than ever. Despite the huge opportunity presented by the older generation in terms of their disposable income, brands often miss the mark when speaking to them. We are all too familiar with adverts aimed at older people which feel patronising or out of touch. However, Air Wick’s advert connects with a life stage which is becoming more and more central to the aging community – downsizing and moving from the beloved family home. By creating personalised scents to remind them of home, Air Wick help to make this transition easier, and showing real life people talking openly about the big changes in their life gives the advert a sense of authentic emotion. It feels as though Air Wick have really stepped in to connect with the older generation in a way that doesn’t feel too saccharine sweet or disingenuous.

We think that other brands need to follow Air Wick’s example in embracing this booming generation’s needs and address them in an authentic and sensitive way. The future potential for brands to utilise this demographic is huge – it is time for them to be spoken to.


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