From Calmness to Clarity


Mindfulness is getting smart. The narrative of mindfulness has previously been around slowing down, disconnecting and becoming calmer. As the New Year rings in, January is calling on us once again to reenergize and reassess our lives – but this time it seems to be in the form of smart mindfulness.

Mindfulness seems to have shifted from the previously slow and calm methods – such as yoga, meditation and Johanna Basford’s adult colouring books – towards a new approach that is about taking time out to think clearly in order to achieve ambitions. It is less about removing yourself from the world, but instead leaning in with purpose. People are taking time out to rejuvenate and gear up – so they are able to go back in with more vigour and more purpose. The self-help book “Thrive” encourages people to use mindfulness as a way to reach career success. “The Art of Thinking Clearly” also helps people train themselves to think sharply in order to achieve. They both embrace mindfulness as a way of reenergizing yourself and clearing your mind to reach your life ambitions.

We think that mindfulness is going to continue on its path towards the purposeful, direct and active. Maybe in the future even taking time out won’t be passive.

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