The Kooples: A Marriage of Coherence


By launching their own app and creating their own Instagram hashtag, The Kooples are creating media content that is hard to ignore. Not only is what they are doing distinctive, it also provides an articulate expression of who they are as a brand.

The fashion label is here to prove that being a couple doesn’t have to be just a life choice; it can be a style one too. This message is communicated seamlessly through the content The Kooples publish through their media channels. Their Instagram #thekooplestakeover hands control of the brand’s account to real life couples, giving normal individuals the chance to show off their signature style to the label’s 125,000 followers.

The brand has also elevated couples above traditional modes of social media all together, by giving them their own network to play in. Whilst operating The Kooples Blackout app, users can only communicate with one other person: their partner.

As a result of producing clear and coherent messaging across their media content, The Kooples have succeeded in creating a distinct brand character. As the media landscape continues to grow, it’s exciting to think of how innovative brands such as The Kooples will express themselves with striking coherence in the future.

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