Murders Have Been Given A New Lease Of Life

murder pic

We have become obsessed with true crime dramas. Murders have hijacked our free time. After watching, we all become desktop detectives, Googling to find out more. There are now podcasts about podcasts, and Facebook groups about TV shows – we can now fully immerse ourselves in the murder story at all times and truly get under the skin of the story.

Something that was once quite closed now feels far more open, and we are now captivated with the US legal system (and all its flaws). We have become members of the jury at Netflix’s Making a Murderer, American Crime Story and This American Life’s Serial. Making a Murderer even resulted in call for a retrial by many lawyers, and an official response from the White House.

If this tells us anything it is that CSI can no longer get deep enough into the story – people are demanding more from the storytellers. This new form of true crime drama is more real, more gritty and gives people the opportunity to access the facts themselves.  Making a Murderer’s director Moira Demos said that “creating a sense of interactivity and online involvement was never our intention with Making a Murderer, but watching the reaction to it has been pretty crazy.”

The increased demand for these totally immersive crime dramas highlights people’s desire to dig deeper, discover more and be involved.  Brands should think about the impact this will have on the experiences they create, as people will expect increased access and involvement every step of the way.

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