Egg-traordinary Pop Up


creme egg

When Cadbury announced they were bringing a pop-up Creme Egg Café to Soho, we were unsure whether it was anything to get too egg-cited about. But, it seems that Cadbury have succeeded in producing a genuinely joyful experience that encapsulates the brand.

Their humble menu offers up dishes inspired by ideas tweeted by fans – Crème Egg with soldiers, Crème Egg tray bake and Crème Egg toasties can be found for just £4 and all come with a cup of tea or coffee.

What really sparked our interest wasn’t the food, but what lies upstairs. For those that venture up to the café’s second floor a giant ball pit awaits, designed not just for kids but adults too. Cadbury have clearly taken note of last year’s hugely successful Pearlfisher art installation ‘JUMP IN!’ which consisted of 81,000 white balls for visitors to dive in.

Cadbury believe their chocolate can ‘free the joy’ inside those who consume it, and the café ball pit is a simple yet vibrant expression of this idea. By thinking about meaningful ways to bring their spirit to life, the Crème Egg manages to exist outside of just the product, and resonate in culture as a result.

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