Interesting Things About… The backlash against purposefulness

Every January we are bombarded with instructions about healthy living and focused thinking. As we leave the first month of the year far behind, we have noticed an opposition to this purpose centric world that we are annually encouraged to inhabit.



‘F**k it DO WHAT YOU LOVE’ by John C. Parkin

This January, John C. Parkin released the latest instalment of his highly successful ‘f**k it’ franchise. The book encourages us to break free from the monotony of everyday life and live out our dreams, even if the results aren’t the most financially fruitful.




Popchips’ most recent campaign mocks the surge of motivational messaging that comes at the start of each year. Contrasting the likes of Equinox Gym’s ‘Commit to Something’ campaign, Popchips say it’s ok to just be a bit good now and again.



Deliciously Stella

This popular Instagram account parodies those that engage in clean eating and tranquil living, poking fun most overtly at the best-selling author Deliciously Ella. Posting photos of sweets, chocolate and McDonald’s happy meals, Deliciously Stella says it’s ok to shun healthy eating all together.


Why is this interesting-

There are few of us that get through January achieving everything we set out to do, with most of us failing to accomplish the sky high goals we set ourselves. By not only recognising but celebrating this reality, the marketing efforts of brands such as Popchips are relatable and distinct from all those trying to help us stick to our resolutions.


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