Interesting Things About… The Zoolander Takeover

Critics may have given the sequel a lukewarm reception, but there is no doubt Ben Stiller has done a 5 star job of bringing Derek Zoolander off screen and into the real world. Everywhere we look it seems Stiller is staring back at us with his signature ‘Blue Steel’ look. Although Zoolander 2 has become somewhat over exposed, the film’s innovative marketing has culminated in the creation of a signature style. Here are 3 examples of creative publicity that stand out to us:



1. The Valentino Walk Off

Back in March 2015, before filming for the sequel had even began Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson closed the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week with a walk off. Appearing to deafening cheers, the duo used this real life runway to announce the start of production for Zoolander 2.



2. Zoolander Cover Shoot for US Vogue, February 2016

It was Ben Stiller that graced the cover of US Vogue this February, along with his co-star Penelope Cruz. Shot by Annie Leibovitz, Stiller appears in an accompanying spread alongside some of fashion’s hottest stars, including Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls.



3. Kiehl’s Collaboration

Kiehl’s ‘The Derek Zoolander Centre for People Who Don’t Age Good’, opened in New York’s West Village last week. Visitors can get misted with Kiehl’s anti-aging serum and are treated to a tutorial on the perfect pants-to-nipple ratio.


Why this is interesting – By resisting the urge to over extend itself, and instead channel its marketing efforts through the fashion and beauty industries, the Zoolander brand has succeeded in developing a unique character for itself. Whether awareness will translate to ticket sales is yet to be confirmed, but one thing the franchise has accomplished is distinction in the crowded world of film.

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