Interesting Things About… Slow Fashion

We’ve previously written about the fast fashion revolution – the fashion industry’s new verve to release new seasons and new clothes at an increasingly rapid rate.

As well as seeing this stance grow, we’re also seeing an opposite reaction to this frenzied fashion fest. Patagonia’s infamous 2011 “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign declared war on rabid consumerism, telling people to buy less and to buy quality. Increasingly brands are following suit and encouraging consumers to slow down on their buying, be considerate, and buy items that last.


Jigsaw’s ‘For Life Not Landfill’

Jigsaw’s recent campaign encourages people to wear their clothing not just for a season, but to save it, promoting mindful consumption. In the advert they juxtapose pieces from their current collection with some of their own vintage items, borrowed from loyal fans. The campaign tells people not to throw away old garments but to save them to create fresh and different looks in the future.


Nudie Jeans

This ethical fashion brand encourages its followers to treat their jeans like a fine wine – one that gets better with age. They believe that as jeans wear down and are repaired by hand, the item becomes more individual and unique. Keeping hold of something old can be more than good, it can be great.


Old Town Clothing

This British brand prides itself on producing no more than 70 made to order garments a week, chosen from a range of sizes fabrics and colours. The production process takes around 4-6 weeks, as they are individually made by hand. The brand wants people to treat their items as pure quality clothing that can be worn for a lifetime, and they refuse to expand their business as they would be unable to ensure the quality of everything they create.


Why this is interesting

In a world where brands like MAC have a constant drip-feed of special releases, this opposing reaction highlights a growing need for brands that are radical in their slowness. We know that fast fashion isn’t going anywhere, but there is also a growing number of people who are rejecting the demand to constantly refresh their looks, and are looking to reshape how fashion exists in their lives. With self-help books telling people to live smarter and be purposeful with their mindfulness, this fashion movement sharply highlights the cultural shift towards a more thoughtful and considered way of being.

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