The Waning Cultural Relevance Of The Oscars And The Grammys


In the US, Added Value have recently launched a new offer that has got everyone very excited: SNAPSHOT. This will allow brands to quickly, easily and cost-effectively measure their cultural VIBE — a multi-dimensional composite of how Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting consumers perceive a brand to be.

We used the study to take a look at the cultural relevance of two iconic American institutions – the Grammys, which celebrates American music accomplishments, and the Academy Awards, which celebrates American film-making endeavors. We also looked at two technology companies operating in the same spheres, Netflix and Spotify.  Not surprisingly, the once vaunted award events are losing steam, while the next-gen tech entertainment companies are found to be much more exciting.

Read here for further analysis and commentary on what to make of where these brands sit in culture today, and in relationship to each other.

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