Interesting Things About… The Death of Sponsorship

fsfdBrands have traditionally used sponsorship to communicate their essence, but people are demanding more now. They want brands to do something – to contribute something – not just to whack their logo on a poster and stump up the cash. We are seeing brands go further than simple sponsorship, they are increasingly looking for partnerships where they can collaborate to create content.

  1. Uniqlo x Tate Modern – Uniqlo are collaborating with the Tate Modern under their new campaign ‘This Way to Utopia’, which celebrates London’s vibrant cultural scene. Not only will Uniqlo be hosting a series of late night events at the Tate, the institution will also be curating quarterly exhibits at Uniqlo’s flagship store.

  2.  Clarks x V&A Museum – The V&A’s recent exhibit ‘Pleasure and Pain’ featured the world’s largest shoe collection, and was built off over four decades of fashion history. Clarks have taken inspiration from the collection to produce a limited shoe line that revives the spirit of 50s and 80s footwear.

Why is this interesting?
It is no longer enough for brands to take part in mere monetary sponsorship. To play an active role in culture they need to lend more than just their name – they need to use their unique skills, resources and talents to create something genuinely new and valuable to people.

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