Interesting Things About… Bridget Jones and Mums


We are constantly impressed by the army of mum bloggers and instamums who make having little kids seem aspirational.  As the release of Bridget Jones’ Baby draws closer, we wonder how relatable her no doubt frenzied approach to motherhood will be to her real life contemporaries. Here are 3 examples of how motherhood is being depicted across media today:


Dress Like A Mum

This mum-of-two campaigns to change the bad rep mums get, and fights the stereotype that they can’t dress beautifully and juggle kids at the same time. She has over 20,000  followers on Instagram, where she regularly uploads her outfits in a bid to transform the image of dressing like a mum.



Mother Pukka  

Mum blogger Mother Pukka started the hashtag #parentfail to encourage mothers to speak honestly about their most embarrassing parenting moments. This candid approach makes even the least impressive parenting occasions something funny and shareable.


Selfish Mother

Blogger Selfish Mother released a range of statement t-shirts that celebrate being a busy contemporary mother. From the simple word “Mother” to slogans admitting that the wearer is “Winging It”, they are a charming and stylish way to embrace the status of motherhood.


Why this is interesting….

We’re curious to see how Bridget will fare in a world of switched on, cool aspirational mums. Will she be able to sort herself out and juggle motherhood, work and her love life in a powerful and inspiring way, or will we see the same – now rather stale – depiction of a female protagonist who is out of control, embarrassing and often hysterical?  We are not optimistic. If the same Bridget we left in 2004 returns to screens in September, we fear she might now prove hard to digest.


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