Interesting Things About….Being Fashionably Ethical

It’s Fashion Revolution Week this week, an innovative initiative launched to challenge traceability within the fashion industry. Here is a little more about the initiative, alongside some other fashion brands taking a stand on ethical issues.


Fashion Revolution Week
  1. Fashion Revolution Week #whomademyclothes

Using the #whomademyclothes fashion conscious individuals across the globe are taking a stand against traceability by posting their labels and asking their favourite brands where their clothes have come from, and how they have been made. Fashion Revolution Week was launched by Carry Somers in response to a factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh which left 1134 workers dead.



2. Noveaux Magazine

Berlin based fashion magazine Noveaux champions fair and vegan fashion with a range of articles and features. Its content which is pulled from a variety of sources proves that fashion can be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way.


H & M

3. H&M World Recycle Week featuring M.I.A.

H&M have launched their World Recycle Week with the release of a new video from MIA, the face of the campaign. In the video the artist encourages viewers to “rewear it” and “regenerate the nation” and shoppers are receiving £5 off their next H&M shop every time they drop of a bag of clothes.


Why is this interesting –

As the examples above highlight, brands will have the biggest success when standing up for ethical issues if it’s done in a way that feels authentic to who they are. For example by using a current recording artist to front their recycling efforts, H&M have made the campaign feel as relevant as any of their more conventional ones. Brands wanting to have a social impact should make it feel like an extension of who they are, rather than a corporate responsibility for their efforts to resonate most successfully.

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