A Real British Home Store


After a turbulent and troubled time, high-street department store British Home Stores (BHS) has filed for administration. The sad news has got us thinking about how a British home store could best adapt to make itself indispensable within culture and cater for the real British home.

  1. Own a good night in:

Technological advancements have made the prospect of a good night in more irresistible than ever before. Services such as Netflix, Deliveroo and even Tinder have eliminated many of the reasons people would feel the need to leave the comforts of their living room for a night on the town. Collaborating with services such as these to help create the perfect night in shows an appreciation for the changing landscape of entertainment.

  1. Make home improvement a celebratory affair:

The British are notorious for the pride they take in their homes, which underpins a relentless pursuit for improvement. A recent study conducted by wooden-blinds-direct.co.uk found that 84% of people would change something about their houses. These changes don’t need to amount in a giant upheaval, they can be small as the same survey found that 83% of people said they would probably be happier if they could change just a few things about their homes. By understanding the emotional connection we have with our homes, brands can provide simple yet personable solutions for enhancing our homes. Dulux has achieved this with their colour of the year campaign which elevates the colour a person chooses to paint their walls into a style statement.

  1. Understand the home can be fluid:

There is a generation of people in Britain that feel excluded from the housing market with many no longer aspiring to own their own home. This has lead to the concept of the home becoming more fluid. A home is no longer necessarily about having four walls and a plot of land, it is something that can be taken with you.

We love the idea of a shop aimed at the British home, but to have real cultural traction it’s crucial for them to understand that the British home itself is ever evolving and shifting.

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