Interesting Things About… New News

Each year brings with it a decline in newspaper sales and a decline in TV news viewership, but ‘news’ as a type of content has never been more sought out. As we increasingly move away from the printed page to the screen, and simultaneously from television to mobile, the way in which the news is packaged is changing too to adapt. Here are a few of the media organisations that are paving the way when it comes to innovative methods of communicating the news:

VICE News – Gonzo journalism

vice news

VICE is known for its irreverent, say-it-like-it-is style, both in terms of what they write about and how they write it. When they launched VICE News, they lost none of their trademark style, speaking about complex and serious issues in a jargon free manner. VICE News’ style reads almost like a direct affront to the traditional objective reporting styles employed by almost all ‘big’ news outlets.

Snapchat – News from the front line

snapchat news

Snapchat LIVE Stories are being well utilised to cover the US Presidential Election race.  The team’s internal news team curate the thousands of videos uploaded from the front line before compiling them into strings of news content. The ubiquity of Snapchat’s citizen journalists gives the company access to the heart of stories, whether that’s at the front line of a candidate’s Q&A session or behind closed doors at a fund raiser. Where traditional news companies present an overly refined and official view of the news, Snapchat presents the rough and ready real story.

BuzzFeed – Data driven news


Early this year, Buzzfeed and the BBC made an accusation that match fixing at the top end of men’s tennis had been rife for years. They didn’t have a whistle-blower’s testimony or receive some leaked documents. Instead, they built an algorithm and analysed data from 26,000 matches from the past six years before overlaying it with publicly available betting data from the world’s most popular betting shops. Buzzfeed’s Data Science mine vast data sets and create algorithms to find out news stories that would otherwise be hidden forever. Data sources don’t change their story or hold back the truth.

Why this is interesting…

As new forms of news communications become more popular, traditional news brands are starting to feel increasingly outdated. Whilst news media has always been a lucrative space for brands to place their advertising, they will need to adapt too to make the most of the new innovations that are shaking up the category.

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