Brands on the Referendum

We’ve seen more and more brands recently become more provocative and unafraid to speak their mind. During the referendum period we have seen brands reminding people to register to vote – the likes of Uber and Tinder constantly encouraged their millennial following to get involved. But few brands have actually stood up and stated who they would vote for. Over the past few days – on the run up to today’s vote – some brands have begun to take a stand and voice their political opinions.  For many of these brands it is part of their brand personality to be politically charged and take a bold stance. Let’s have a look at some of the brands that have been telling us what they really think.


House of Hackney have just posted their view on Instagram, stating “If you’re IN say you’re in. We love our European family and want to stay part of it. #eureferendum #europe #eu #bremain”. This is a bold move from an interior design company; however as a brand they stand have a rebellious and creative streak that shines through in this clever move.



We could have predicted that the brand Lush would state their view on the vote due to their activist heart. They have, however, used a clever angle stating “Vote remain for animals” which really aligns with their campaign for animal rights.


Both the boss himself, Richard Branson, and his Virgin brand have strongly petitioned for the UK to stay in. The brand has a whole page on their website dedicated to explaining the argument to remain in. It is interesting to see both a famous face and a brand making a stand.

This political statement says a lot about both the essence of the brand, and the type of people that follow them. It really exemplifies how these brands are reaching out beyond their product or service to show what they are about.  All of the above brands are known for their unique, expressive and powerful views, and their followers have bought into that. Could it be that these brands are very aware of their demographic, or that it is actually much safer to talk about the referendum than openly discuss party politics? We think it’s refreshing to see brands be bold, and unafraid of showing what they genuinely believe in.

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