Uber Convenience


With a fresh approach Uber’s most recent campaign has caught out attention. The days in which Uber stood as a mode of luxury transport are long gone, and the campaign marks a shift in the company’s tone.

“Get there with Uber” has been distributed across the country and features real life Uber users talking about their everyday Uber stories. This ranges from busy mums talking about their shopping trips to entrepreneurs discussing how Uber has helped them with their businesses. The brand has also published a production video on their YouTube site to highlight just how real these people are.

Uber has changed direction from wanting to provide people with the chauffeur experience, to focusing on giving them the freedom to do what they want every day. As Uber’s take on luxury always felt slightly dated, we think this move is culturally on point and more reflective of how people actually use the brand.

Whether it’s as simple as helping people get home from nights out, or enabling them to take bigger steps like move house, Uber is making it easier for people to do the things that matter to them. Their new campaign highlights and celebrates this fact, showing they appreciate what is most important to the everyday Uber user.

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