Interesting Things About… Fitness, Fashion and Beauty

Health and beauty have always shared a close relationship, but recently we have seen a shift in how beauty and specifically fitness are interacting with one another. The concept of fitness is expanding, and as a result it has become more significant to the world of fashion and beauty. Here are some examples of where the concepts have combined to create something new and interesting:


Bellabeat Fitness Tracker


Bellabeat have recently launched a fitness tracker for women that looks more like a piece of high fashion jewellery than your traditional Fitbit. Designed by artist Urska Srsen, Leaf not only tracks activity and sleep, but also supports mindfulness activities and gives you help meditating.

Selfridges Body Studio


Aiming to tap into the wellness movement, Selfridges Body Studio is about understanding that the needs of everybody are different. Their in-store staff are on hand to provide tips on how you can support different body types through fitness effectively.

ELLE’s first ever fitness columnist


This month, beauty and fashion magazine ELLE has introduced a fitness column for the very first time. Spinning instructor Bangs, AKA Murieann Carey-Cambell will pass on tips every month from what she has learnt as an exercise expert.


Why is this interesting…

Whereas at one time fitness was associated almost entirely with sweaty gym sessions and exhaustive activity, now it covers a much wider set of ideas that are not kept exclusively for an elite group of exercise fanatics. People have become more aware of the importance of exercise for holistic wellbeing, and in turn this has meant influencers within fashion and beauty have had to step up and involve fitness in their conversations. A more holistic approach means people are connecting fitness with their overall wellbeing rather than just their weight and size, and brands are changing the way they talk about the concept as a result. It is important they keep up with the change in narrative or risk being left behind and out of the dialogue.

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