Winning Christmas



It wasn’t long ago that Christmas adverts decried the hassle of the festive season – with harried mums struggling to cope with the myriad demands placed upon them. This year, the Christmas tone of voice has changed – it has become empowered. The adverts we have seen so far show Christmas as something to be tackled head on and decisively won.

House of Fraser’s ad begins in a playfully sinister way, with festive tropes creeping towards their unsuspecting victims, but ends with the gleeful declaration that “Christmas is Coming for You”. Argos celebrates eagerness and excitement, with multi-coloured yetis hurtling through snowy streets towards the tagline #justcantwait. The Morrison’s ad shows a gutsy little boy challenging his grandfather at Trivial Pursuit, and Tesco simply tells us to “bring it on.”

This vision of Christmas is bold and assertive. It is positive and self-assured, and feels culturally tuned in. It seems to echo many of the sentiments we’ve seen throughout other seasons of this year. It borrows the empowered language of sports brands from Nike to Sports England’s #thisgirlcan campaign, it takes the energy and optimism of this year’s slew of life advice books (from Amy Schumer’s The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo to Bloom by Estee Lalonde), and reflects the Instagram universe of motivational quotes.

Unlike some recent years, the tone of this Christmas’s adverts is anything but stressed – instead it is bold, emphatic and empowered. Christmas is now something you can win at.

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