Spotlight On: Palm Vaults

photo via

We have recently been utterly delighted by a small café on a backstreet of Hackney.

It had long frustrated us that every venue that serves a flat white seems to look exactly the same – with distressed wood, lightly rusted metal and a colour scheme that consists only of varying shades of brown. This aesthetic has dominated our coffee houses for nigh on a decade. Palm Vaults turns all of this on its head.

From a decadent mother-of-pearl sign, to the glorious baby pink on the walls and velvet chairs, to the jungle of suspended flora, it is a fresh new world we haven’t seen before. It takes influences from Miami vacations, 80s workout videos, Wes Anderson films, and creates something so unique and charming it has already cluttered the pages of Instagram. Every detail ties into the theme, down to the most beautiful take away cups we’ve ever seen. It is bold and decidedly different. It has a strong, unapologetic personality. It is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

We hope this beckons in a new wave of aesthetic playfulness. We hope that other independent – and even chain – stores seek inspiration from far and wide, let their imaginations show, and create spaces that immerse us in creative new worlds. We dream of spaces that are distinct, original and even downright odd.

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