Passion Play

We have recently been totally charmed by the Fruit Shoots “It’s My Thing” campaign. It features kids showing the world the things they are most passionate about – from karate to photography to equestrian vaulting. The Facebook page allows parents to boast – not about their children’s prowess, but about the things they love the most, whether or not they are any good at it. In a world of constant testing, and pressure to succeed from an incredibly early age, it is joyful to see kids celebrated for the things they care about; the things that make them them.

Fruit shoot

When children can so often be spoken to as homogeneous, we loved seeing them mark themselves out through their passions. And it made us wish that adults were encouraged to do the same. When hobbies are increasingly pushed to be monetised and even free time is seen as productive, we would love to see a brand encouraging adults to talk about the useless, brilliant things they disproportionately adore. These are the things that make us different from everyone else – from stamp collecting to ghost hunting to an encyclopedic knowledge of the French Revolution. We think a brand like could own this idea. They already talk about finding the person who loves the aspects of you that are less than perfect, and we think they could instead champion the unusual, even inexplicable, things that just happen to capture your imagination.

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