The Equinox LGBT Alphabet

Equinox is well known as a brand that has strong opinions and likes to push the boundaries of how we expect a gym brand to behave: their recent ‘Commit To Something’ campaign in the new year showed an image of a woman with a double mastectomy having a tattoo, intended to inspire extreme commitment among its members. However, in their most recent work we have seen them tone down this message somewhat, and instead become a part of the changing narrative of exercise and health.

commit to something

In their most recent campaign, released to coincide with the start of Pride month, Equinox created a short film that expanded the usual LGBTQ+ acronym into a full alphabet exploring all aspects of identity, the body and queerness. Equinox have said themselves that this advert reflects the employee and membership base of their gyms, and so it doesn’t feel ground-breaking to see them promote such an inclusive community space.

Of more interest to us is the way that exercise and healthy living is presented – reminiscent of the Nike FKA Twigs advert from earlier this year, sport has become something beautiful and artistic. The dance and movement shown in the advert is both powerful and creative; it uses a narrative of gender and sexuality to change what we think of as exercise and how we look at gyms.


With this advert, sport and fitness has been transformed into a form of self-expression, and the gym reimagined as a lifestyle space for creativity and inspiration. Equinox have proved that exercise and health is no longer just about fitness; it can also be about exploring and expressing different sides of your identity through movement.

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